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master global challenges.


For many years now, MAN’s CR Strategy has been an integral part of our corporate strategy. In 2014 we realigned our approach. Building on the CR pillars of People, Integration, Production, and Product, we are aiming to make a contribution to sustainable development along the entire value chain.

Dr. Georg Pachta-Reyhofen, Chief Executive Officer of MAN SE, talks about corporate responsibility at MAN, ambitious climate targets, and employees who make a difference. And he has the answer to the question,

Can MAN pursue climate goals at full power?

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MAN’s future performance depends on understanding global challenges and recognizing the opportunities and risks with regard not only to sustainable development, but also to our commercial success. These factors guided the realignment of our CR strategy, resulting in MAN’s CR Strategy 2020+. This is how we live our responsibility – along our entire value chain.

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MAN’s CR Strategy 2020+

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An overview of MAN’s CR Strategy 2020+

MAN’s CR Strategy 2020+ comprises four CR cornerstones: People, Integration, Production, and Products. Four fields of action have been assigned to each cornerstone. We have set ourselves a strategic objective for each field of action.

MAN GRI Report 2014

More information is available in the 2014 MAN GRI Report.

Click on the cornerstones to see the fields of action.

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